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All Best Home Care Caregivers Participate in Local Research Study

All Best Home Care Caregivers Participate in Research Study

Recently, some of our caregivers participated in a research study conducted by Ohio State University. The study’s focus was researching home healthcareCaregiver Training hazard training through virtual simulation to create a new method of training.

Traditional training methods are usually lecture based, with the trainees listening to information and instructions given by … Read more →


What to Know About Exercise While Aging

Regular exercise and physical activity are important to the physical and mental health of almost everyone, including older adults. Being physically active can help you continue to do the things you enjoy and stay independent as you age. Studies show that regular physical activity over long periods of time can produce long-term health benefits. That’s why health experts say that … Read more →

home safety

Creating a Safer Home Environment for Seniors

home safetyBelieve it or not, your home is a lot more dangerous than you think. There are many obstacles inside of your home including things like loose cords, bulky furniture and carpeting, dim lighting, and slippery floors that compromise home safety. While this may not always be the , if neglected, your home can pose a serious threat to your health.… Read more →

military places louisville ky

Military Places of Interest in Louisville and the Surrounding Area

The Patriots Peace Memorial is located outside of downtown Louisville.  You’ll find it off Zorn Avenue, next to Thurman-Hutchins Park on River Road. It was built on Veterans Day in 2002 as a memorial to honor fallen patriots. The monument’s design is ever changing. As names of fallen veterans are added to the monument, a brick is removed from its … Read more →