military sensitivity training

Learning About the United States Military as a Civilian

military sensitivity trainingRecently, our administrative assistant at All Best Home Care decided to learn more about military culture. Military sensitivity training helped to aide her in better understanding our veteran and surviving spouse clients’ backgrounds. To achieve this, she attended the Star Behavioral Health Providers Tier One military sensitivity training. The following are the recollections of her experience.

Being a civilian, or … Read more →

falls at home

Reduce the Risk of Falls at Home – Helpful Tips to Make A Home Safer

Reducing the Risk of Falls at Home

Did you know that every year in America, 1 in 3 Americans over the age of 65 falls at home? When an elderly person falls the results can be fatal or nonfatal, but the nonfatal falls can result in serious fractures to the hip, head injuries, and broken bones. Even falls that don’t … Read more →

best home care

Happy Holidays from All Best Home Care in Louisville, KY

‘Tis the Season!

All Best Home Care would like to wish everyone, especially our clients and caregivers, a joyful holiday season and a happy New Year.

We know the holidays are a busy time for most, but if you find yourself needing something to do the staff at All Best Home Care have made a short list of free or … Read more →

dementia care tips

Dementia Care Tips for Family Members

As a spouse or child of a parent with dementia, it is widely recognized that this condition affects far more than just the person with dementia. Dementia does not have any boundaries when it comes to individuals or family members. While it affects one individual mentally and physically, it tends to reach beyond to family, friends and other caregivers emotionally.… Read more →

fraud and financial abuse

Prevent Fraud and Financial Abuse

Seniors can be victims of fraud and financial abuse through a variety of ways. Seniors find themselves being promised goods that do not exist, services that were never intended to be provided, and financial benefits that were misrepresented. Furthermore, along with fraud, scammer and hackers also target Seniors for their funds or property. This is called financial exploitation and is … Read more →