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How to Help a Parent Who Has Cancer

How to Help a Parent Who Has Cancer

There are few things worse than hearing that someone you love has cancer, especially if that loved one is your parent. As children, we typically see out parents as strong and invincible. When your parents become ill, it is tough. You might find yourself taking care of them, instead of the other way around. However, just because your roles may have reversed, doesn’t mean you are alone in your aide. Many others in your community are experiencing the same thing. From all these experiences comes great advice. Which leads to the following ways you can support your parent through their cancer journey.

Remember to care for yourself. Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Taking care of your parent will be much more difficult if you forget you own parent who has cancersupport systems. Remember that it is okay to take a break and be around friends and other family members. Don’t feel guilty for taking time for yourself. Know that you are doing the best you can for your parent!

Take notes. Having a parent with cancer means many doctor’s visits and changes in your parent’s condition. Keep a note book with you to write down the doctor’s plan, specific details about treatment, and side effects your parent may be experiencing.

Be patient with siblings. Your siblings may have a different way to react and cope with your parent’s diagnosis. To reduce stress on yourself and your parent, try to avoid fighting with your siblings and be patient with them. It may take them longer to cope. They most likely are feeling sadness, but maybe also that they are experiencing anger. Whatever their situation, it is best for everyone to be patient.

Lastly, enlist nursing help. It is okay to seek others to help in your parent’s care. It can be very difficult to travel back and forth to ensure your parent makes it to doctor’s appointment, to therapy, to family events, and to general errands like going to the bank, grocery store, and pharmacy. All the while, you are helping them with activities of daily living when you are with them. By hiring a caregiver, like a certified nursing assistant, you can allocate some of the caregiving tasks to them.

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