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All Best Home Care Caregivers Participate in Local Research Study

All Best Home Care Caregivers Participate in Research Study

Recently, some of our caregivers participated in a research study conducted by Ohio State University. The study’s focus was researching home healthcareCaregiver Training hazard training through virtual simulation to create a new method of training.

Traditional training methods are usually lecture based, with the trainees listening to information and instructions given by the trainer. This style of training can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of work days, using caregiver’s time that could be better spent helping others. Although, traditional training methods work well, not everyone learns best from this style.

The study had three phases.

The purpose of this study was to develop a virtual simulation training system to train home healthcare professionals to recognize, assess, and respond to hazardous conditions in patients’ home. Trainee’s experience began with a virtual simulation health and safety training program. This initial pre-program was to let the caregivers familiarize themselves with the program and to assess their current safety knowledge.

After the training session, the caregivers began the real simulation. They traveled through three different virtual homes wcaregiver traininghile identifying health and safety hazards. When a hazard was identified, a quick note on how to address the hazard was given. For example, if the hazard identified was a fire alarm that was working the solution was to replace the batteries or get a replacement. The solutions were very straight forward, but sometimes identifying hazards is harder than one would think.

After the main training session, the caregivers participated in “think aloud” activity during the post-test experience. The post-test experience was a short simulation and quizzed the caregivers on identifying hazards and correctly chosen how to handle the hazards. During the “think aloud” activity, caregivers were asked about the hazards they saw, how they would respond to them, and whether they posed a risk to their health.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the training and learning experience was great for the caregivers. Everyone unanimously agreed the virtual reality training was better than the traditional way. The caregivers liked that they could go their own pace through the program. They also liked that there was immediate feedback on the hazards they identified and that interacting with the program was easy.


All Best Home Care would like to thank all the researchers involved for letting us participate. And special thanks to Anna Jorayeva for her time and setting up project at our office.

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