military sensitivity training

Learning About the United States Military as a Civilian

military sensitivity trainingRecently, our administrative assistant at All Best Home Care decided to learn more about military culture. Military sensitivity training helped to aide her in better understanding our veteran and surviving spouse clients’ backgrounds. To achieve this, she attended the Star Behavioral Health Providers Tier One military sensitivity training. The following are the recollections of her experience.

Being a civilian, or … Read more →

Congestive heart failure

What Is Congestive Heart Failure?

Congestive heart failure Our hearts are one of the most essential parts of our body. Without a well-functioning heart it becomes basically impossible for the body to get its necessary nutrients. The heart’s main function is to pump and distribute blood throughout our bodies. Congestive heart failure does not mean that the heart has ceased to function entirely. Rather it means that there Read more →

Elderly Driving Statistics

Elderly Driving Statistics: How to Stay Safe on The Road

elderly driversMany of us take being able to drive for granted. Once we grow out of the early stages of first getting behind the wheel, driving becomes second nature. However, as we age and begin to lose dexterity, driving can quickly become dangerous. According to research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 33 million … Read more →